Ways to Be a Good Choir Member


Being in a choir can be tough, as people want to sing together, but much like any team of people, it can take some time to work out the kinks and get people to sing as a team rather than a collection of individuals.

While the choir director is often seen as the glue that holds the entire team together, I’ve found that the members of the choir are just as responsible for keeping the team together and making the director’s job as easy as possible.

If you are thinking about joining a choir and want to make a good impression as well as seem committed to your singing then here are some tips you should use.


Show up on time and show up at every single meeting. You’d be surprised at how many people attend one or two lessons and then disappear until one or two days from the concert. Even worse, they might come in late and completely miss the warmup and cause the choir to stop and have to restart to accommodate.

Being late or missing meetings on occasion can be okay, but when it comes to missing or being late too many times it can cause some friction between the group and really cause some problems in the choir. By committing to the choir and every single practice, you can show respect and often become a better singer.

Be in the moment

When you sing your mind should only be focused on what you are singing. By paying attention to the director’s instructions, working on what needs to be worked on, and by listening to what your other singers are trying to tell you then the practice is going on you’ll be a much better singer.

Pay attention and keep yourself in the moment to focus on the singing and don’t rely on the other members of the choir to cover you if you don’t know any parts or are having trouble hitting a note. Be sure to ask the director or other choir members what you can do to fix the problem.


Respect yourself and others

The most important thing is to respect your own voice and the voice of others. If your voice starts to crack, don’t consider yourself a bad singer or degrade yourself but instead work with others to get it fixed.

If others are having trouble with a note or remembering a lyric, then go and try to help them out and give them some of your expertise if you have the ability to do so. Choirs are one big team effort for music, and working with others to get a feel for the entire choir can really help get everything right.

By using the people around you, keeping yourself in the moment, and being a committed member of the choir is very fun and easy. I know firsthand the power of music, and singing with others is something that every single singer should do at least once. It won’t be regretted.